Excellent progress for every student

After a pandemic break in 2020 Research conference is back. The theme for 2021, hosted by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), is “Excellent Progress For Every Student: What Will It Take?” The fully online event runs from August 16-20 and features international researchers from various disciplines.

In today’s Q&A, the conference organizer and ACER Senior Research Fellow Dr. Claire Scoular learned more about this year’s theme and its focus on providing practical solutions for attendees.

It’s great to meet you Claire. Can you give Teacher Reader an overview of this year’s theme of the ACER research conference?

This year’s theme is ‘Great Progress for Every Student: What Will It Take?’ and we will approach this topic from different angles. We will look at understanding the nature of progression, including many examples of evidence-based learning progression. We also investigate how targeted teaching can optimize learning. Another focus will be on curriculum structures based on evidence of how basic knowledge, skills and understanding typically develop. We’ll also think about assessments from a long-term learning perspective and how data can be used to make ongoing decisions.

Why was this topic chosen? Research Conference 2021?

We know that students have different needs and are at different points in their learning, and that schools and systems are not always prepared, which results in some students’ learning needs not being met. We want to point out some evidence-based and practical ways to ensure that every student is engaged and making good progress.

Each day there will be a different keynote (Professor Dianne Siemon, Professor Mark Wilson, Professor Rich Lehrer and Professor Geoff Masters) and the full program will include another 16 presentations. What do you expect from attending the conference for attendees?

An important feature of our research conference is to provide attendees with something tangible (resources or materials) or practical solutions each year to take with them to their classroom or school. To this end, we have selected the highest quality researchers to present evidence-based research in this area to bring you the latest on the big issues of education.

The big difference this year is that it is an online event. The main conference lasts four days and on the fifth day there is an optional half-day masterclass on learning progressions – what if teachers and principals can’t attend every session?

In fact, we don’t expect participants to get through each session for the four days. We understand, especially given last year, that zoom fatigue is really a thing! We will record all sessions and upload them to our program. Access will be granted for a period after the conference. This allows participants to follow each of the sessions at a time that suits them. In addition, we have a few subtopics of the conference (assessment, pedagogy, etc.) that we hope will lead attendees to the sessions that interest them most. All of our speakers prepare short research papers that will be published as proceedings in time for the conference to improve the live or on-demand experience.

How else can people get involved?

This year we are offering an online version of posters called the Research Conference Pitch, where selected participants will present a three-minute video of their own research. The recorded videos will be presented in special sessions and between main conference presentations. There will be a selection process, but anyone is welcome to submit an abstract for a pitch related to our conference topic. Keep an eye on our website for more information shortly!

The research conference 2021 “Excellent progress for every student: What will it take?” Will take place from 16.-20. August and includes 20 sessions, four keynote lectures and an intensive master class. Click the link to explore the full program and register for the event.

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