Exhibition of works of art on the school premises

At Russell Vale Public School in the northern suburbs of Wollongong, New South Wales, student responses to surveys have expressed their desire to upgrade toilet buildings.

Elementary school students have been participating in the state government’s Tell Them From Me survey for a number of years, and principal Paul Cuthbertson used the feedback, mostly commenting on the darkness of the area, to start work on an upgrade.

“I wanted something bright and colorful outside where the kids would come in, so I took my idea to a P&C.” [parents and citizens] Meetings as a kind of partnership where we could work together, “says Cuthbertson Teacher. “And so I actually asked the parents. I also interviewed the students and teachers separately to find out what they would like. ‘

These discussions and research gave rise to the idea of ​​commissioning works of art for the area. Cuthbertson received a list of suggestions and found local artist Jyiro on Facebook. The artwork was completed over the school holidays so students could be surprised when they returned for the new year.

Jyiro’s artwork completed. Picture supplied.

“We have also completed internal work since then. So the inside works, inside it’s now a lot lighter, the colors match the front, minus the black. So it’s really bright and welcoming, ”says Cuthbertson. “We installed new lights, we installed hand dryers. We installed bottled gas stations, all of those things that were part of the survey we got back from the students and parents. ‘

Reflect the school environment in works of art

Jyiro painted plover birds, which can often be seen on the school grounds. Picture supplied.

In deciding what the artwork should show, Jyiro suggested focusing on local animals seen on the school grounds to summarize the students’ wildlife in a snapshot.

Birds such as lorikeets and cockatoos are often seen, as are wood owls. “We also have miniature pigs at our school. And we have rabbits, ”shares Cuthbertson. “The plovers are interesting because we have plover nests on our school grounds every year so that our children know these birds and the times of the year when we need to watch out and give them special attention.

“We have about a dozen chickens and we sell eggs to the community and also to the students … it really is a fantastic opportunity for the kids to connect with nature.”

A pig can also be seen among the animals. Picture supplied.

These animals also play an important role in student engagement and wellbeing. “When I have a student out on the street who is having trouble getting through the gates, I regularly say, ‘Let’s go out the back and see the chickens or the pigs and so on,” Cuthbertson explains.

“And while I’m back there, it’ll give me the opportunity to chat with them to find out what’s going on, and nine times out of ten we’ll be there for a few minutes and I’ll say,” Okay, I’m going back, do you want to go back here a little longer? ”And they say“ No, I’ll come over and join my friends ”. So it really has an advantage for these students.

“We liked the artwork so much that we commissioned it again for a second job,” shares Cutherbertson, adding that the work on her sports shed is in the same style and color as the toilet blocks that are playing Children pose, various sports were completed.

The recently completed sports shed at Russell Vale Public School.

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